Couple Led by Aliens Break in Carowinds, Blames God

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A couple is accused of breaking into Carowinds amusement park because because God and aliens told them to go there.

Fox8 reported that Francis Greene and Jason Lee were arrested Friday after a security guard found their truck in the parking lot. Carowinds is closed for the off-season.

An 8-year-old boy was reportedly found alone in the truck. The couple allegedly returned to the truck 20 minutes after leaving it.

Greene, had been trespassing on the Carowinds property around 8 p.m. during the off season according to WSOCTV.

Lee told deputies his girlfriend wanted to see the park so he came with her to see it. Lee said that they took their son, Charlemagne Xavier Lee, with them to see the park, but brought him back to the truck.

Greene told deputies she heard voices from God telling her to go to the park.

Greene said that the voices that she thought were from God were actually extra-terrestrials, and that they wanted her to leave her body behind and come with them, York County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Greene said that she decided against that because she wanted to stay with her family.

Greene showed deputies her right hand, which had a 3 to 4 inch cut in the palm.

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