Cop Makes His Own Drive-Thru At Dunkin’ Donuts By Driving Through The Wall

drive thru

Policemen have a long-standing stereotype for loving doughnuts, but one South Jersey cop took it to an entirely new level.

A South Jersey police vehicle slammed into a doughnut shop Friday morning.

Witnesses saw the police SUV crashed into the Dunkin’ Donuts shop along White Horse Pike in Berlin, New Jersey just before 11 a.m.

Police said the SUV crashed into the building after colliding with another car.

According to NBC 10, the officer received minor injuries and the crash is still under investigation.

It is not clear if the store will remain open during repairs, the drive-thru is definitely closed until further notice.

Police have not responded to calls for more information and an attempt to contact the Dunkin’ Donuts was unsuccessful.

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