Watch Liberal Terrorists Get WHOOPED after trying to Jump a Conservative

A conservative social and political commentator named Andrew Bolt was just recently attacked by a small group who intended to terrorize him for the sole purpose of simply being conservative.

They learned the hard way that most conservatives fight back.

Footage of the incident on June 6 showed a hooded man approaching Bolt from behind and throwing a substance, believed to be glitter and shaving cream, at his head, initiating a brawl on Lygon Street, Carlton.

Witnesses are being urged to come forward after the men attacked Andrew Bolt outside a Melbourne restaurant.

The Sky News host and columnist was targeted in Carlton about 12:15pm on June 6, when two men threw glitter and shaving cream at him before a scuffle broke out.

Police previously released CCTV images of two men involved, after footage of the incident was posted online.

Today they released two more images of a man they wish to speak to.

The assault took place during the launch of The Art of the Impossible, a book on Donald Trump and the 2016 US presidential election campaign by RMIT associate professor Steve Kates.

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