Confederate Flag Supporters Attacked on Video

“The blood on my face, the blood in my teeth, the blood on my hands is no comparison to the Southern blood that runs through my veins.”

Those are the words spoken by Joe Linder, one of the people that supports history, freedom of speech and oppose banning the confederate flag.

CBS news reported that around 7:15 p.m. about a dozen vehicles with Confederate flag supporters pulled up in front of the Statehouse and stopped in the middle of the street, Public Safety Department spokeswoman Sherri Iacobelli said in a statement.

That’s when 30 people who were on the Statehouse grounds protesting the flag “clashed” with 10 of the supporters of the flag.

Linder, who was hit during the fight, supports the Confederate flag and says “racism has no part” in it.

“I’m gonna tell you one thing, I ain’t sitting down; this’ll just make me walk taller,” Joe Linder said.

According to an eyewitness, a Confederate flag was ripped from a passing car. The car following behind stopped, and a passenger got out to retrieve the flag and ask why it was ripped down.

That’s when the confrontation began.

“It felt like they were taunting us and the people on the ‘take it down’ side reacted to that,” one of the anti-flag protesters said.

Police began separating the two groups and pushing them back onto the statehouse grounds.

One man was arrested at the scene and charged with disorderly conduct.