Chris Christie says We Need To FORCE Christians to Deny their Faith and Perform Same-Sex Marriages

The push against religious freedom continues, and it seems like only a few, such as Ted Cruz, really care about peoples constitutional right to religious freedom.

The Republican and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is now proclaiming that all Christians – MUST serve homosexual “weddings” if asked.

In a televised interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Christie said that while churches may be free as far as their “religious activity” is concerned, once they step out of church they must not be allowed to refuse participating in homosexual “weddings.”

Watch the video:

When Wallace asked the presidential hopeful if businesses had the religious freedom to decide whether or not to participate in gay “weddings,”

Christie replied, “Religious institutions should be able to decide how they conduct their religious activity. The rest of the folks in the United States need to follow the law.”

Meaning if you are a Christian in America, you must perform same-sex marriages. “It’s the law”.

I can just imagine him being around hundreds of years ago. Would he have been one of the same to stand up and say “You must be a slave, it’s the law.”?

Christie tried to make forcing people to deny their religious beliefs sound good by saying that in private they can have their beliefs.

Surprisingly though it is only the Christians that MUST.

Muslims, Jews, and well, all other religions, seem to be able to avoid the nazi type regime towards the American Christians.

Christians around the world are being persecuted, but it’s a sad day when here in America the land of freedom, Christians are now being told they must denounce their faith, or else.

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