Check Out Georgia’s New Gun Laws That Have Now Gone Into Effect


There are multiple new Georgia laws that have now gone into effect.

July 1 traditionally served as a big day for major legislation because it is connected to the start of the new fiscal year.

These new laws include but are not limited to:

House Bill 697: Establishes state grant to pay full tuition for technical college students with the highest achievements.

House Bill 845: Law that keeps mug shots of defendants private until their cases are settled

Senate Bill 990: Prohibits Ga. law enforcement from waiting a minimum time before declaring a person missing

Senate Bill 365: Requires corrections officials to make a program to help inmates enter society after release

-House Bill 60:  New gun law regulations

-Guns are now permitted in churches if allowed by the worship leaders

-Felons may use “Stand your ground” rules

-Legalizes hunting with silencers

-Bans law enforcement from demanding to see weapons permit

-Allows guns in unsecured areas of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport