Caught on Tape: Biker Turns Tables on Drunken Road Rage Attacker

A biker being attacked in a road rage incident turned the tables on his attacker and the whole thing was caught on video.

CBS news reported that it happened in Yuma, Arizona after some kind of incident involving a motorcyclist and another driver.

The driver of a vehicle got out and assaulted the biker, but the biker quickly took him down.

Video of the confrontation, which starts at about the 50 second mark, shows a man walk from his car and punch the man on the bike in the face.

As the female passenger on the bike jumps off, the bike’s driver yells, “Don’t you f******* touch her.”

“Call the f****** cops. Let’s go,” the driver of the car is heard saying.

As the confrontation escalates, the driver jumps off his bike and eventually pins the man to the ground.

“I did nothing to you. Stop. Are you done? You better stop. Are you going to behave?” the motorcyclist tells the man.

When the biker asks what prompted the outburst, the man in the car said the motorcyclist broke the law.

According to Fox news the police said the man in the vehicle may have been under the influence and are awaiting toxicology results.

Charges may be pending.