BLM Docs Show Feds’ Solar Plan Targets Bundy for Elimination!

bundy ranch

There once was a time when there was over fifty cattle ranches operating in the area of Southern Nevada. The same area where Cliven Bundy, with the help of numerous armed patriots from all over, is making his stand against the abusive tactics of the federal government.

Now, there is only one rancher and his family left.

Bundy is literally the “last man standing” against land-grabbing federal bureaucrats who have gone power mad. Literally. They are mad for solar power scams (among other things) and all the big-dollar green graft that comes with it.

By now we all know that the official claim, that the confrontation has to do with protecting desert tortoises, is mostly just steaming bull patties.

Evidence has been obtained by the that the showdown going on at the Bundy ranch is in all actuality the result of an expansive and ruthless federal strategy, that is aimed at bankrupting and driving away every last cattle rancher through increasingly exorbitant fees and endless rules, conditions, and red tape.
All of this is just tactics to clear the way for more politically agendas such as solar energy boondoggles as far as the eye can see. connected (ie. Sen. Harry Reid, his son, and a Chinese energy conglomerate)

In a 77-page Federal Bureau of Land Management document titled “Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone,” the key aspects of the government’s overall plan for facilitating massive solar energy projects in the region are discussed, specifically including the land where Bundy’s ranch is located

One of the key documents on the topic is titled “Cattle Trespass Impacts & History of Cattle Trespass,” and it specifically discusses the problems associated with Cliven Bundy’s livestock interfering with contingencies to mitigate environmental impacts of “utility-scale solar power generation facilities on public lands.

here is a screenshot of a portion of it:

bundy info

Presuming BLM restores their website ,you read about solar plans here:

If not for Bundy’s principled stubbornness in resisting the escalating fees and the conditions demanded from him over the years by the feds, combined with our U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment and social media, we’d probably never have heard of the Bundy family. The government would have just bankrupted him and pushed him off the land just like they did with all of the other ranchers over the years.

The feds have a court order they say they are trying to enforce. Since when does this corrupt administration act with anything remotely resembling good faith to our nation’s passed laws, to its own proper role and authority, or even to court rulings? Please.

In this real life, Western saga of “cowboys and communists,” the dust has only been kicked up a little, and so far the cowboys and their patriot allies have held firm the line and won the day.
If push comes to shove, what kind of people do you trust to carry this nation forward? Heroes who stand up to the organized federal shakedown racket, like Clive Bundy and company, or Harry Reid and his agents of a corrupt regime?


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