Black Lives Matter People Get SMACKED DOWN in Eye Opening Video

In the year and a half since black teen Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in the streets of Ferguson, Mo., the Black Lives Matter movement has managed to grow from a neighborhood riot to a multi-university crusade and, most recently, the race-driven theme of a Super Bowl halftime show performed by one of the nation’s most famous pop stars.

But, according to a report from MRC TV, not everyone has been buying into the narrative that racism lurks around every corner.

Recently, Ben Shapiro participated in a civil debate about race and racism in the U.S., and he absolutely skewered all counter-arguments.

Watch the video to see the eye opening debate.

Shapiro, who is the editor-in-chief at The Daily Wire and editor-at-large for the Breitbart News Network, participated in the public debate hosted by Seattle radio station KTTH.

The panel was ‘equally diverse’ with two black debaters, one white debater and one Hispanic debater.

“I’m offended by the uprising of black people breaking into other black people’s stores and looting them,” said Shapiro.

“This is a lack of values. People who are destroying private property, destroying cop cars in an uprising against what exactly?

Against the black police chief? Against a mostly minority police force? Against the black mayor? Against the black president? Against the black attorney general? Against a city council that nine of 15 are black and all elected Democrats?

What is the uprising against? What is it seeking to achieve?”

The obvious answer is that these people were stirred up and wanted to blame racism for their own animal-like behavior. Shapiro is right to question, what did any of the rioting achieve? Nothing, except to burden the tax payers and insurance payers with a heavy burden of replacing what these people destroyed.

When Shapiro was questioned about the ridiculous notion of “income inequality,” he said, “It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture.”

Shapiro gave the panelists a moment to laugh, and then he started pushing the facts, some these people do not know how to respond to.

“You explain to me why black kids aren’t graduating high school?” Shapiro thundered. “Explain that one to me.

Explain to me why black kids are shooting each other in rates significantly higher than whites are shooting each other? Explain to me why 13 percent of the population is responsible for 50 percent of the murder?

Is America more racist now than it was in 1960? And if so, explain to me how that happened?”

“The idea that you can craft a narrative based on no racism because it just must be somewhere out there in the ether, that doesn’t solve problems for anybody,” said Shapiro.

“It creates more problems for people, because now they grow up in a milieu and an environment where they are told that every obstacle they face is from some shadowy, nameless, faceless group who is out to get them simply because of the color of their skin.”

This has nothing to do with the color of people’s skin Freedom Outpost noted.

There are many Black Americans who are appalled at the kind of criminal activity that the rioters in Baltimore engaged in with the blessing of the mayor, Obama and others. The issue is lawfulness and character.