Ben Carson Audited By IRS After Speech That “Offended” Obama


When author, columnist and retired pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson looks at the United States in 2014, he tends to describe what he sees in dire terms: the country’s religious and family traditions under siege; its founding Judeo-Christian principles being second-guessed; its future and identity in doubt.

But even as he’s narrating a moral catastrophe, he sounds genial. 

In the second part of an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV Carson told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner on Tuesday that America — if it continues along its present course — is at risk of remaking itself according to a very different set of values.

“Get a book called ‘The Naked Communist’ — written in 1958, a long time ago — that lays out the whole secular progressive agenda, a large part of which is to kick our Judeo-Christian values to the side,” said Carson.

Fast-forward half a century and the country is splintering exactly as old antagonists from within and without had hoped it would, said Carson — whose latest book, “One Nation,”depicts a United States struggling to stay true to its original ideals.

One of those ideals, alongside faith, is the primacy of family, said Carson. 

“A well-working, functioning family where everybody plays their part is an incredibly good environment in which to bring up a child,” he said. 

“And what we have today are those who say, ‘well, there is no such thing as the ideal family, you know; every family situation is of equal value and this whole traditional family thing — this is what people who are bigots and religious fanatics talk about.'”

Carson said the rhetoric of political correctness, and the resulting fear of being labeled intolerant, has cowed people with traditional beliefs into silence.

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“I don’t have any proof that he [Obama] was involved,” said Carson. “I will say that I got multiple warnings from all kinds of people that I was going to get audited, and I’d never been audited before and nothing had changed . . . except that I gave a speech.”

“Could it have been a coincidence?” he said. “I guess it could’ve been, but I’ve talked to a lot of other people who had the same coincidence.”

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