Armed Suspects Terrorize and Rob Walmart Where Guns are Not Allowed

armed robbers

SOMERDALE, N.J. – Somerdale Police are looking for suspects in connection with an armed robbery at the 24 hour Somerdale Walmart Supercenter.

Surveillance video shows the sudden attack, three armed robbers, two in white hoodies, and the other robber wearing all black, burst in through the entrance of the shopping cart return. The robbery happened at 3:16 a.m. on June 8th.

You can see in the video one cashier ducks behind a shopping cart while the other is yanked from behind a register by two of the gunman while they search for cash.

According to police, both employees were assaulted, and the gunman threatened to shoot one of the employees.

“It’s Walmart you go there for your family, get your stuff, come back you don’t expect anything like that,” said customer Thomas Glover.

Glover and his family shop at the store several times a week. He says he typically feels safe, but worries about shopping late at night.

“During the night there’s nobody here,” he said. “I don’t come here at that time. I wouldn’t come here that late or early in the morning at all.”

Police say all three gunmen had handguns and wore masks under their hoods. Investigators say the robbers got away with a locked cash drawer.

Walmart did not return Fox 29’s request for comment.

Those suspects seen in the surveillance footage are still on the loose.

Watch Video:

If you have any information, please contact Sergeant Peters of the Somerdale Police Department at (856) 783-4900. You can also contact Detective Wachter or Detective McCalla of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office at (856) 225-8400.

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