Armed Robber Demands Money then Gets Slammed on Video by the Marine Standing Behind Him

An off-duty Mansfield firefighter named Daniel Gaskey stopped in the Oasis Food Store in Midlothian before heading to work on June 26.

All of a sudden a 19-year-old shoved past him and pulled out a hunting knife about five inches long and demanded money from cashier Fox4 reported.

That’s when the would be robber found out that this off duty fire fighter was also a marine.

“Startles me at first,” Gaskey said. “I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, and I realized what was going on real quick.”

Gaskey says he heard the robber demand money before he decided to do something.

But it was only an attempt, thanks to Daniel Gaskey.

WSBTV reported Gaskey, a former Marine, jumped into action, detaining Dylan Bearden until police arrived.

Police said Bearden pulled a knife before Gaskey forced him to the ground.