Apple Is Rejecting Mobile Games For Having Images Of Guns


Apple has been rejecting some mobile games from the iOS app store for displaying guns in their promotional material and app store icons.

Multiple game developers have been forced to alter their games’ App Store promotional materials to remove images of guns and violence, according to Apple Insider.

Among those that ran afoul of the new criteria was Splash Damage’s recently-released Tempo, which now features guns censored via pixelation in its screenshots.

“[The] rejection was only about one screenshot,” Bestebroer said. The image had been approved by Apple previously for the game’s original release.

“The update was rejected by Apple because of the ‘violence’ in the screenshots (side note: Gunslugs 2 uses pixel-art, tiny 12×12 main characters and 1×1 blood pixels).”

Bestebroer said that the impression he got from Apple was that the company was that the promotional material for Gunslugs II had to be appropriate for a “4+” age rating:

The idea behind it, from what I understand, is that even tho the app has a 12+ rating, they do need icons and screenshots and basically the store-page to be 4+ rated.

So screenshots should not show anything that is below the 12+ rating.. which is a bit hard to do for most action games.

Two of the mobile games that received rejections from Apple—Gunslugs II and Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens by Team Chaos—only feature cartoonish depictions of firearms or toy ones.

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