BACK TO THE FUTURE!! – America Invents the Worlds FIRST Real Life HOVER BOARD


The 1989 film “Back to the Future Part II” left scientists, technologists and moviegoers with one nagging question: When are we going to have a real hover board?

In the movie, the main character, Marty McFly, time travels in a DeLorean to Oct, 21, 2015, and borrows a little girl’s pink Mattel-branded hoverboard to escape an enraged descendant of Biff the bully.

The same board helps save the day at the end of “Back to the Future Part III.”

Now, An American based company, located in Los Gatos startup, named Arx Pax demonstrated the Hendo, a working electromagnetic prototype of Marty McFly’s fictional floating skateboard.

According to SF Gate, There have been several attempts at creating a hoverboard since it appeared in the sequel to 1985’s original “Back to the Future.”

Two years ago, for example, French scientists demonstrated a Mag Surf skateboard that floated above rails using superconductor magnetic levitation. Ten years ago, the cast of the TV show “Mythbusters” constructed a working hoverboard out of a leaf blower and a surfboard.

But the Hendersons say their company has found ways to use electromagnetic energy more efficiently than possible before. And they say the Hendo isn’t limited to following a set of rails because that magnetic energy can be aimed in any direction.

“What we’re trying to do is to capture people’s attention because the hoverboard is a proof of concept for demonstrating a technology that can have a lot of really important issues,” CEO Greg Henderson said. “There are ideas that people are floating around, no pun intended, that are really important.”

Jill Henderson added in:

“We love bringing the first real hoverboard to the world, but there are so many more meaningful, purposeful things (for) this core technology,” Jill Henderson said. “It’s limitless, and that’s what we’re excited about.”

The company also recently teamed with the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk to demonstrate the current capabilities of the Hendo hoverboard.

In the video, Hawk shows off Hendo’s hoverboard on a copper-lined skate ramp at Arx Pax Labs in Los Gatos, Calif., and even performs a few tricks.

Considering the board can only hover an inch off the ground, the prototype still impressed the seasoned skateboarder. Hawk even performed his first 10-80 on the spinning hoverboard.

The hover engine works with Lenz’s law — which is “a way of using a magnetic field to create a secondary magnetic field on a conductive surface.

“If you hover a 50,000 kilogram train, then why not a building or a house or an operating room or a precious piece of art?” Greg Henderson, Hendo hoverboard inventor and co-founder of Arx Pax, said in a recent CNET video.

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