CAUGHT ON TAPE: 64 Year old Grandpa WHOOPS Three Thugs trying to Rob Him

A 64-year-old grandpa surprised a group of thugs with his self defense skills after they attempted to rob the gas station where he was working.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident where three masked men busted in the and attempted to rob the gas station.

Keith Butler was working at a gas station in New South Wales, Australia, when the men entered the store and demanded money.

Butler was about to get robbed when he sprang into action, the former boxer and black belt karate student grappling with one of the masked men.

“I’m small, the thing is people who are small react in that way, the way you come up in life, you don’t let people bully you,” he said.

The three thugs were armed with knives and bats and demanded cash.

That’s when Butler scared them off. He chased them out of the store with a wooden bat. All three are still on the run.

“I’d like to say to the three guys if they’re watching this, get yourselves a job, you’ll earn more money,” he said.

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