6 THUGS BEAT and ROB Young Female Then Post The Video on Facebook!


An Ohio teen says she was beaten, tied up, robbed, and humiliated by a gang of women and her then-boyfriend before photos and video of the vicious attack were spread all over social media.

19 year old Cheyanne Willis was beaten, threatened and humiliated by her ex-boyfriend and several women while others took video on their cellphones and later posted it on Facebook.

“I’m humiliated,” 19-year-old Cheyanne Willis sobbed to WLWT while recovering from the savage Christmas Eve attack that she said left her with a concussion outside a north Cincinnati mall’s parking lot.

Her six attackers tied her hands together, cut her hair, hit and kicked her, wrote their names on her forehead with eyeliner, and robbed her of her purse and cell phone then ripped her driver’s licence up.

“I’m traumatized. I jump at every noise I hear. I don’t want to leave my mom’s side,” Cheyanne said. “I’m scared to show my face if I’m out, and as if that wasn’t enough, these photos have spread all over.”

As of Friday Willis’ now former boyfriend, Quincy Gardner, 20, who Willis says drove her to the Cincinnati Mills mall, has been charged with robbery.

Cheyenne Fisher, 21, who was also allegedly involved in the attack, was also charged, NY Daily news reported.

Forest Park police said they are actively investigating the incident.

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