39 yr old Black Guy Kills 19 yr old Blonde Girl, Hides her body, then Claims Racism

Lacie LaRose, 19, was a pretty blonde college student attending a graduation party at Blinn College in Texas. Sadly she was shot and killed by an uninvited guest over a fight that began as an argument over a beer pong game.

The Texas man who shot and killed the 19-year-old Blinn College freshman during a graduation party said he was only trying to scare the kids who politely asked him to leave. A witness said the whole incident began with an argument over a game of beer pong.

Ronald Wayne McNeil, 39, is being held in Brazos County Jail on charges of murder, deadly conduct for discharge of a firearm and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

NY Daily News reported the whole sad incident allegedly started with a drinking game at the house party early on the morning of May 3.

The 39-year-old alleged killer, crashed the graduation party with some of his friends. After they got in a heated argument with the host, Landon Duke, about the rules of beer pong, they were asked to leave–and a physical altercation took place, where a number of college students had to physically drag them out of the party.

McNeil returned with a pistol–and proceeded to shoot up the house.

LaRose had gone out to the backyard at that exact moment to bring more beer inside, and was hit and killed by one of the 14 bullets fired by McNeil. Two more partygoers were also injured.

The killer is now claiming that the students at the party are all a bunch of racists according to Liberty News.

Duke, the host of the party, said he didn’t recall any slurs being used–and that the situation only escalated into physical violence because the party crashers, including McNeil, simply refused to leave.

McNeil, after killing LaRose, dragged her body into the garage, where Duke quickly found her after coming outside upon hearing the shots. McNeil was caught fleeing by College Station police.

McNeil is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.