350 lb Liberal Says its Tax Payers Fault She is Fat and They Owe Her More Money

taxpayers money

A 350 pound mother-of-two, who lives on taxpayers money, says she needs more of their money to overhaul her unhealthy lifestyle.

Christina Briggs, 26, from Wigan, says she hates being 350 pounds but she can’t do anything about it because she can only afford junk food.

Briggs claim exercise is out of the question because she doesn’t have the funds to join a gym.

The only alternative left? More taxpayers money.

Christina Briggs gets £20,000, roughly $32,274.60 US Dollars, each year from taxpayers.

She feels her only hope is for the government to give her more money so she can afford to buy fruit and vegetables and join a gym.

She also believes that taxpayers should pay her to lose weight as that would give her the motivation to fight the flab.

She currently lives in a council house with her two children by different fathers, Helena, 10, and Robert, two.

Only food she can afford: Christina Briggs' cupboards are full of junk food because she says she can't afford to eat heathily

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